Custom Soil Mix

Custom Soil Mixes are developed when a traditional soil mix isn’t enough for your situation. They’re created to support plant growth and work within various environments. We create custom soil mixes for residential and commercial projects on a regular basis and can provide you with a custom mix that will suit your needs.

How is our Custom Soil Mix Created?

We work with you to fully understand the application. Where will the soil be used, what’s the environment like, is there shade, is it sunny, is there much rain, how much traffic will the soil receive on a daily basis, etc. The more we know about the application, the better custom solution we can create for you. Once we know what your soil needs to do, we create a custom blend by finding the correct mix of soil and additives and then it’s mixed on a clean asphalt pad and finally, blended in a mechanical blender until it’s the perfect consistency for your job site.

Where is our Custom Soil Mix Most Often Used?

Custom soil mixes are often created for large-scale landscapes, backyards, residential and commercial applications. They’re used in all construction projects, parks, parking lots, and when custom blends are necessary to provide extra support for the plant life. We can craft custom soil mixes to provide stability, durability or additional support for plant life depending on the needs of your specific project.

How do we order Custom Soil Mix?

Contact our team to request a custom quote for your custom soil mix. We’ll work with your team to determine how much soil you need, place the order, custom mix your soil, and deliver to your location when you’re ready.

What do Customers Often Order with Custom Soil Mix?

Many of our customers need both custom soil blends and products such as ground cover, cobbles, decorative bark or rock to complete their projects. We work with you to create a custom soil solution for your entire project and ensure everything is done the right way, the first time.