Lightweight Soil Mix

rooftop gardenLight Weight Soil Mixes are designed for high-density building areas such as roof gardens and parks.  They’re often used by hospitals and other industrial buildings where they need beautiful plant life but also have to be cautious of the total weight of the soil due to the fact the gardens are on the rooftop.

How is our Light Weight Soil Mix Created?

We create a 100% custom-made lightweight soil mix for each client. Every job site is slightly different so our team works with you to determine exactly what you need. Once we have the specifications, we create a custom mix by combining the components together and then the soil mix is sent to a lab to confirm the mix is correct and provide quality control.

Where is our Light Weight Soil Mix Most Often Used?

Light Weight Soil Mixes are used exclusively in rooftop and upper story garden design. It can be used in planter’s boxes, high-level parks, flower planters, and more. It’s specifically used on upper level or high rise projects where the total weight of the soil is a concern.

How do we order Light Weight Soil Mix?

Contact our team to request a custom quote for your lightweight soil mix. We’ll work with your team to determine how much soil you need, place the order, custom mix your soil, and deliver to your location when you’re ready.

What do Customers Often Order with Light Weight Soil Mix?

If your project is both ground level and rooftop or upper level, then you may need additional soils or decorative products such as decorative cobbles or barks, rock, or Mexican pebbles. Our team can help you complete your project and create the perfect landscape.