Mound Clay

Infield mix for softball, baseball, ballpark, diamond provided by PTI Soils


During a baseball game, the pitcher’s mound gets more wear and tear than almost any other area on the field. Having the right clay installed on your baseball diamond helps ensure peak performance on the field. Our mound clay is stabilized and designed to withstand wear and tear and not lose its’ consistency.

How is our Mound Clay Created?

We mix a blend of clay and soil stabilization elements to create a mound clay that packs well and provides a secure, durable surface for your pitchers through the game. Our custom blended mound clay is harder than natural clay, which leads to its durability. We blend several clays together in an industrial blending machine to mold into a perfect mixture.

Where is our Mound Clay Most Often Used?

Just like you’d expect given the name, it is used for the pitcher’s mound on a baseball diamond. Our custom mix is used on community baseball diamonds, at schools, colleges, by the pros, and in community parks.

How do we order Mound Clay?

Contact our team to request a custom quote for your mound clay. The team will work with you to determine how much clay you need if there are any customizations necessary for your installation, and schedule delivery to your field.

What do Customers Often Order with Mound Clay?

It is often ordered with baseball and infield mix soils when it’s time to refresh your entire baseball diamond or softball field. Trust the team at PTI Soils to get your field into playing shape in time for the season.