Planter's Mix


When you need to support plant life and allow it to flourish and grow, planter’s mix soil is what you want. Our planter’s mix is designed for both commercial and residential installation and can be used for anything from planter’s boxes to large-scale community gardens.

How is our Planter’s Mix Created?

Our proprietary planter’s mix soil blend is fortified with fertilizer and nutrients to create a custom soil mix that supports plant growth. We use our custom mixing machinery to create the planter’s mix for our customers.

Where is our Planter’s Mix Most Often Used?

Our planter’s mix soil is most often used in planter’s boxes and gardens. It also works well under the sod, providing additional nutrients and fertilization for the sod to grow and take hold, as a leveling agent in a landscape and to fill in low spots in a yard. Planter’s mix is extremely versatile and works well in most climates.

How do we order Planter’s Mix?

Contact our team to request a custom quote for your custom planter’s mix. We’ll work with you to understand your soil needs and estimate the amount of soil you’ll need for your project. If you have to level or need fill dirt, we can accommodate those requests too.

What do Customers Often Order with Planter’s Mix?

Due to its versatile nature, the other soils that go with planter’s mix vary greatly. If you’re building a rooftop garden, you might need lightweight soil for the garden area and planter’s mixes for your pots or planter’s boxes. If you’re beautifying a park then you may need a custom soil blend or even biotreatment soil too, depending on the area. Our team can help ensure you get the right soil type for your project.