Stabilized DG Mix

PTI Soils has stabalized mix for paths and walkways used in parksStabilized Decomposed Granite mix is used in areas that need extra stability such as walkways. It’s most frequently used in parks and at schools, though it can be used in any commercial or residential project that needs a stabilized mix. It provides a beautiful, natural alternative to asphalt and concrete and is lower maintenance, easier to clean than some options, and has less issue with erosion over time.

How is our Stabilized DG Created?

Our stabilized decomposed granite mix is created by blending the granite mix with organic powder to create stabilized DG of different colors.

Where is our Stabilized DG Mix Most Often Used?

Stabilized DG is most frequently used in parks and at schools to create walkways. It’s available in both gold and grey both so it can either blend into the environment or provide a beautiful, natural accent. It’s used in place of concrete and asphalt.

How do we order Stabilized DG Mix?

Contact our team to request a custom quote for your stabilized DG. We’ll work with you to create the right mix for your location. Our stabilized DG is often made to order for your project.

What do Customers Often Order with Stabilized DG Mix?

Since stabilized DG is an accent feature to create walkways and pathways in a larger landscape project, it’s often paired with other soils such as planter’s mix for accent areas or gardens, baseball and infield mix for parks or tracks, or custom soil mixes, depending on the project. Let our team help you find the right soils for your project.