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Pleasanton Trucking Inc.
PTI Soils

Honest, Reliable Builders since 1981

Custom Soil Solutions

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Welcome to Pleasanton Trucking Inc. – Custom Soil Solutions and Material Transport. Located in Livermore, California, and proudly serving the diverse needs of the Bay Area/

🌱 Specializing in Custom Soil Solutions: From lush gardens to grand landscapes, our high-quality soils, mulch, compost, sand, and aggregate rock are specifically tailored for your unique projects.

🚚 Robust Fleet, Sustainable Focus: Our commitment to environmental sustainability is as strong as our fleet. Expect precision and care in every delivery, ensuring your project's success.

🔍 Explore and Engage: Discover more about our services and how our dedication to the environment translates into action. Learn how we empower large corporations, government entities, and enthusiasts in landscaping and horticulture with unparalleled expertise.

Pleasanton Trucking Inc. – Your Project, Our Passion. Let's make it extraordinary together.

About Our Company

Pleasanton Trucking Inc,(PTI Soils) is a Livermore, CA based operation focused on providing custom soils and other materials to satisfy our clients needs.  We operate in the bay and surrounding areas and focus primarily on custom soils and materials, including wood chips, mulch, compost, sand, aggregate rock and other materials to large corporate and governmental clients involved in building or maintaining landscaping, erosion control, horticulture, corporate headquarters, public venues (i.e., Bart Stations, Facebook, Google), outdoor sports venues, and other applications.

We have a fleet of approximately 35 trucks and trailers owned by us in addition to third party haulers.   We execute specific contracts for the material handling for all soil related materials required by contract. 

On our site we mix formulations of various materials to achieve a client’s specific needs.  The soils we prepare have very tight specifications for PH, percentage of organic material, sand, etc.  We have provided our services to the general contractor for the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino.  In this and many other cases, we must remove soil disturbed by construction (which historically was sent to landfills) and recycle that material into very specific formulations specified by our client or their end client.

To achieve the custom mixes specified by our clients, we have a several acre site which holds various materials used by us for our manufacturing process.  We use a combination of loaders, sifters, scales, forklifts, bagging stations, etc.  Our onsite office serves as a staging location for the inside and outside haulers and as our administrative home base.


Aaron Masterson

CEO, MCR Construction


Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Pleasanton Trucking Inc. (PTI Soils):

Comprehensive Services for Diverse Needs

At PTI Soils, we offer an extensive range of specialized services, expertly catering to the construction, landscaping, and environmental project sectors. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is evident in every aspect of our work. Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

1. Custom Soil Production: Our expertise shines in creating bespoke soil blends. Whether you need specific pH levels, organic material ratios, or precise sand content, our custom solutions are engineered to meet the unique demands of each project.

2. Comprehensive Material Supply and Handling: We provide a vast array of materials, including wood chips, mulch, compost, sand, and aggregate rock. Our end-to-end service encompasses sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering these materials directly to your location, ensuring quality and convenience.

3. Recycling and Sustainability: Emphasizing our green approach, we specialize in safe recycling of construction-disturbed soil. Transforming this soil also reinforces our dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

4. Large-Scale Project Expertise: Our track record includes major undertakings like the construction of Apple's new headquarters. This experience underscores our capacity to manage and deliver on large-scale, high-profile projects with complex logistics and material requirements.

5. Robust Logistics and Fleet Operations: Our impressive fleet of 35 tractors and trailers, complemented by third-party haulers, stands ready to execute contracts efficiently. This fleet ensures that we meet deadlines and deliver materials as promised.

6. On-Site Formulation and Mixing: At our state-of-the-art facility, we leverage advanced equipment, including loaders, sifters, scales, forklifts, and bagging stations. This enables us to produce customized soil mixes and other materials with precision and care.

Pleasanton Trucking Inc. is your go-to partner for soil solutions and comprehensive material handling services. Our blend of quality, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence sets us apart as a versatile and dependable provider.

Custom Soil Production

Comprehensive Material Supply and Handling

Recycling and Sustainability

Large-Scale Project Expertise

Robust Logistics and Fleet Operations

On-Site Formulation and Mixing


What We do


Discover the World of Pleasanton Trucking Inc. through our Gallery: Join us on this inspiring journey and witness the tangible impact of our services in the real world.

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